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Unexplained weight gain.
The emotional roller coaster.
Feelings of anxiousness.
Being tired all the time.
Being bloated every time you eat or drink something.
Headaches that never go away.

It is possible for you to have more energy, lose that fat, be happy, feel
more positive about life, feel calm and lighter.

I feel fantastic!

For 8-9 months I was having a range of symptoms including; lethargy, moodiness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, bad PMS, irregular cycles and not sleeping.

I had had multiple blood tests and ultrasounds with no answers. This was so frustrating & confusing. I wanted some answers!

I started taking the products, even though I was a bit skeptical, but fast forward 3 weeks and pretty much all my symptoms were gone.

Going on 3 months now and I feel fantastic! So glad I found them!

Team Rise

Erica Deacon

Mum to 4 boys

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From Dark Unhealthy Days – To Healthy Happy Motivator!

In my late 20’s I found out that I had endometriosis. By then the damage was done. I had been living with the symptoms for 16 years and the pain had left me drained of energy, exhausted, with extreme abdominal pain, bloating, pelvic & leg pain. It was hard to maintain my normal activities of daily living. 

Endometriosis had affected my internal organs and I struggled with infertility issues, meaning multiple surgeries. I managed to fall pregnant with intervention, however shortly after having my children the endometriosis returned. Add to that a serious injury and stress and my body went into early Peri-Menopause. That hit me hard and fast with a range of symptoms like; hot flushes, moods up and down, gut health problems, difficulty sleeping, forgetful, migraines, depression, weight gain and more. I struggled to manage the symptoms on top of having a back injury.

I felt disillusioned but was determined to find the right treatment. I started taking the hormone modulator PLUS, along with the Core 5 products and the natural anti-inflammatory. The first changes that I noticed where that I felt calmer, then an elevation in my mood and energy. Progressively over the following weeks all the other symptoms began to settle down. 

One of the best things was that the hormone modulator elevated my mood and lifted the foggy brain and low moods. This helped me to move forward with improving my chronic pain. I have also started the natural energy drink, Empact+, taking my healthy to a whole new level.

It’s 2.5 years down the track now, I continue to use the products. I have improved my chronic pain significantly and I don’t have any hormonal symptoms to speak of. My life has completely changed and I am able to put those dark unhealthy days behind me and now support other people on their journey of wellness..

Jody Zugajev

Everything has turned around!

I was really struggling with low energy, low moods, felt anxious & my sleep was all over the place. I was starting to find daily tasks harder & harder. I also wasn’t regular with my menstrual cycle to the point it stopped! 

I know one thing, when you feel like this you just seem to get lower & lower, feeling down  in everyday life.

I have had so many types of medications but I’ve never found a solution. I was starting to think I’ll have to be like this for the rest of my life. 

Since getting started on the products everything has turned around. I have more energy, my sleep is better, my menstrual cycle is now normal, I’m actually feeling amazing!


Fran Bujega

I feel happy!

Oh my goodness!!! I can tell you , since being on these products my life has been transformed! 

I HATED mornings! I was yelling, angry & frustrated EVERY morning! This wasn't me & that sent me into a whirlwind of low moods, feeling sad & feeling like I wasn't worthy to be a wife or a mother.

I was introduced to plus & I'm back to my old self. I'm excited to wake up & we sing & dance while we get ready.

My days are now how they are supposed to be.  Now my entire family take Plus. If anyone is in a bad mood, it's a running joke to ask if you have had your Plus.

Everything is how it should be. Life is good and I am HAPPY!!!!

Crystal Ward

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