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This business transformed my families future!

2012 was one of our darkest years. We lost our business, our house and our dreams. We were in incredible amounts of debt which caused my body to shut down. My hair was falling out, I was in incredible pain and I couldn’t get off the couch. Things got so bad the doctor said that I should say goodbye to my family and get my things in order. 

In 2015, a friend told me about the Mannatech products, I got on them and all I can say was that in 12 days I could feel my health changing. I couldn’t stop myself from telling people about these products. My greatest challenge became my greatest reward.

Since then, I took the online training which showed me how to market on Facebook and use technology to build a business. I now have a business all over Australia, been awarded some of the top awards from the company and earned 6 x 5 star all expenses paid holidays

I highly recommend these products and this business to everyone. You will love it.

Paula Khouri

Mum and Business Owner

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Weight Loss

Most weight loss programs focus on losing weight, which means losing "muscle"

Our program is guaranteed to target fat and help your clients lose 3 times more.

TruHealth Fat Targeting System


When people think of more energy, they think of sugar and caffein but these have negative impacts on the body.

Our product increases energy naturally without sugar or stimulants.

Empact + for renewed feel good energy.


People are looking for natural solutions for their health that are proven to work.

With over 1 million people who have used our products you can feel good about what you're selling.

Ambrotose Life

Feel the way you want

Anti Aging

You can slow down the ageing process if you give the skin what it needs. 

We have developed a product that rebuilds the collagen and elastin for guaranteed results.

Uth Anti Aging

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Retired my husband early!

We were facing retirement with loads of dreams and very little income. 

We wanted to travel, live life, support our children and do all the things we had put off. However my husband Rick was looking down the barrel of not being able to stop work until he was 70 due to our low income and the idea of supporting our kids in any meaningful way was still just a dream.

A friend told me about Team Rise and that’s when I realised that my dreams could become real. 

I got started and followed the training. I didn’t know anything about working online, but all the training was there and so was the support. 

It was step by step and in a way I could understand. 

I implemented it and it worked. I have a large business, I have retired Rick from his job years early and we travel the world EVERY YEAR all expenses paid.

I’m so excited about our future, it’s like life is only just beginning. 

You will love it.

Sandra Spence

Nana CEO

I have purpose!

I was a teacher, running child care centres and working long hours until a workplace injury to my back stopped it all. Multiple surgeries left me in incredible pain and little hope of finding a job where I wasn’t seen as a liability.

Frustration doesn’t come close to how I felt, I was desperate for life to be better and feel some kind of success again. 

After a friend told me about Mannatech's products, I felt like I had nothing to lose. It was guaranteed so I could get my money back if need be.

Within 8 weeks my pain was subsiding, my head was clearer and I felt alive again. 

I saw things differently and I just HAD to tell people about these products. 

I now have a  growing business and earned my first 5 star all expenses paid trip and I know there will be many more.

I have purpose, I love the training and I am building the best relationships. 

If you’re looking for something that works with the most beautiful people, this is for you.

Jody Zugajev

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