How to get your products for free
and receive credits

Mannatech has the most generous referral system anywhere. 
Receive a 25% credit from your new customers first order on every one you refer. 

Getting referral credits is simple...let your wellness ambassador
do the heavy lifting for you!

Let your wellness ambassador do most of the work to help you.

Your wellness ambassador knows exactly what to do. They will help you get your link, find the posts that are pre-written for you and do all the heavy lifting, You don't need to do anything except what we say in step 2 


Skip everything below and your wellness ambassador will do it all for you. 

Simply Paste one of our pre-designed and written posts onto your Facebook or Instagram wall.

We have pre-written and designed posts you can use to put on your favourite social media platform. You don't even need to write anything. We've done all the hard work for you. 

Simply copy and paste the post.

Your friends go on the wellness journey with you.

Your friends start to go on their own wellness journey of better health, more energy, weight loss or anti aging and for every one who joins you, you receive 25% of their first order as a credit onto your account to be used towards you next order if you choose. 

How to find your referral link and use it

how to get your link

The first time logging in you will have to click "create account" and then follow the instructions. If you have already logged in or your wellness ambassador set it up for you. Then just go to login and enter your account number and password.

Login to using your account number. You should have received an email with your number. 

Click copy and then send your link via: email, text or message.

If you want to test your link, make sure you LOGOUT of before testing or the system will think you are logged in and give you an error message.

Start receiving referral credits to be used towards your next order.

You can choose when you want to use your credits. You can store them up for a rainy day or you can use them straight away. Mannatech wants you to have the freedom to choose.

What if you're not a Mannatech associate yet? 

Wow what are you waiting for. Join the hottest thing on thing on the planet and become a customer now.

It's simple: 

1. Get back to the person who referred you to this page.

2. Tell them you want to become a customer or even a wellness ambassador. 

3. Allow them to help you start getting your products for free.

Don't know who referred you?

No worries at all. Leave your details below and we will help you find the right person. 

Full terms of the Referral program can be seen here: Terms