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Hormone Balancing Products

Mannatech Plus
Mannatech Empact+

I feel fantastic!

Plus...they look simple right?

For me they are nothing short of amazing.!

For 8-9 months I was having a range of symptoms including; lethargy, moodiness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, bad PMS, irregular cycles and not sleeping.

I had had multiple blood tests and ultrasounds with no answers. 

This was so frustrating & confusing. I wanted some answers!

I started taking Plus and Ambrotose even though I was a bit skeptical but fast forward 3 weeks and pretty much all my symptoms were gone.

Going on 3 months now and I feel fantastic! So glad I found them!

Erica Deacon

Mum of 4 boys

I Feel Happy!

Oh my goodness!!! I can tell you , since being on these products my life has been transformed! 

I HATED mornings! I was yelling, angry & frustrated EVERY morning! This wasn't me & that sent me into a whirlwind of low moods, feeling sad & feeling like I wasn't worthy to be a wife or a mother.

I was introduced to plus & I'm back to my old self. I'm excited to wake up & we sing & dance while we get ready.

My days are now how they are supposed to be.  Now my entire family take Plus. If anyone is in a bad mood, it's a running joke to ask if you have had your Plus.

Everything is how it should be. Life is good and I am HAPPY!!!!

Crystal Ward

Mum & Business Owner

Everything has turned around!

I was really struggling with low energy, low moods, felt anxious & my sleep was all over the place. I was starting to find daily tasks harder & harder. I also wasn’t regular with my menstrual cycle to the point it stopped! 

I know one thing, when you feel like this you just seem to get lower & lower, feeling down  in everyday life.

I have had so many types of medications but I’ve never found a solution. I was starting to think I’ll have to be like this for the rest of my life. 

Since getting started on the products everything has turned around. I have more energy, my sleep is better, my menstrual cycle is now normal, I’m actually feeling amazing!

Fran Bujega

It's your time to thrive!