Day 22 - Natural Cleaning Products

Week 4 Day 22

Natural Cleaning Products

Changing Over to Natural & Organic Products

We live in a highly toxic world. The toxic overload in our world is getting worse and many experts believe that the toxins we are absorbing are connected to some pretty serious health challenges. Over time these toxins build up and become acidic and can lead to serious illnesses and diseases.

Day 23 - Using Plants in your home to improve air quality

Mind Reset - Week 4 Day 23

Using Plants in your home to improve air quality

Looking to reduce toxins in your home? It's often the germs and toxins that you can't see that are the most harmful, but alas these air cleaning plants will help you remove toxins and improve air quality.

Choosing the right air purifying plants for your home can detoxify the air in your living spaces, meaning your houseplants not only look lovely but work a little harder to clean the  air you breathe in.

NASA's clean Air Study found that there are a number of air purifying plants that can detoxify your home from the airborne toxins, dusts and germs that can be found  in a variety of household products, materials and furniture.

Day 24 - Why Avoid Toxic Plastic

Week 4 Day 24

Why Avoid Toxic Plastic

One of the best things you can do for your health, especially if you are wrestling with a chronic condition, is to avoid plastic coming into contact with your body as much as possible.

Most of us know by now to avoid toxic, BPA-ridden plastic beverage bottles, plastic food storage, plastic wrap and resealable zipper-lock bags. (If you didn’t know that, now you do!)

Day 25 - Natural Weed Killers

Week 4 Day 25

Natural Weed Killers

There is no denying that we live in a toxic world and that our bodies are being constantly bombarded by a multitude of chemicals and toxins every day.

In fact, it is estimated that we are exposed to over two million different toxic chemicals each day. If you think of yourself as a sponge that you’re trying to dry in the sun but someone keeps spraying or tipping water onto, you can imagine how hard it would be to dry.

Day 26 - Why you need to stop using air fresheners

Week 4 Day 26

Why you need to stop using air fresheners

Have you noticed how much more popular air fresheners, plug in fragrances  and candles have become over the last 10 years or so?

Everyone wants their home to smell lovely, and look tranquil so they are using more and more of these products, but are they safe??

Today as part of our 30 day detox we’ll look at why we should consider switching from commercial air fresheners to safer alternatives that won’t harm your health or that of your family.

Day 27 - Why You Shouldn’t Ever Be Wearing Shoes in the House 

Week 4 Day 27

Why You Shouldn’t Ever Be Wearing Shoes in the House

Do you know what’s on the bottom of your shoes? Just think of all the places you go to during the course of the day; the public restroom, the gas station, the park where people walk their dogs, or the hospital. Your shoe soles can have millions of bacteria on them. This is why you really shouldn’t be wearing shoes in the house. An interesting study at University of Alabama found that bacteria lives way longer on shoes than most other places! 

And that these scary organisms can easily transfer onto all the floors in your home!

Day 28 - Simple Ways to Reduce Your EMF Exposure

Week 4 Day 28

Simple Ways to Reduce Your EMF Exposure


The health impacts of such close-connection and use to wireless devices are not well-known by the public.

However, more and more research is showing and is being conducted on the potential health risks linked to wireless radiation, whether that is from microwaves, phones, tablets, wireless routers, or smart meters/smart homes.

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