Day 1 - What is Clean Eating and Drinking

Week 1 Day 1

What is Clean Eating and Drinking

You have probably heard of clean eating and drinking, but do you know what that means?

Clean eating doesn't mean washing your foods before you eat them even though you should wash them. Clean eating is about eating healthy foods. It is about eating foods in their natural state. That means eating unprocessed and whole foods that are prepared in ways without extra chemicals and toxins. Clean eating includes eating fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, meat substitutes, whole grains, and healthy dairy products.

Day 2 - What to Expect When Detoxing

Week 1 Day 2

What to Expect When Detoxing

Did you know our bodies are having a harder time than ever keeping up with the millions of toxins we are exposed to every single day? One of the reasons is because of a lack of essential nutrients in the soil of fresh produce and the introduction of thousands of synthetic chemicals (that have not gone through rigorous testing to see what effect they have on humans!!) our bodies cannot keep up because they are not receiving what they need to “fight” these foreign toxins. I know it raises the thought for me, 

Day 3 - Smoothies 

Week 1 Day 3


Smoothies are a great way to kick start your day, filled with protein, good fats and fiber to leave you feeling full until lunch.

“Perfect for anyone who’s not a breakfast person or is always on the run from the minute the alarm goes off in the morning!

Here are a few options for you to try, you can vary your products eg. if the Recipe says Osolean & NutriVerus, try TruPlenish as an alternative.

Day 4 - Emotional Eating & Mindful Eating

Week 1 Day 4

Emotional Eating & Mindful Eating

Welcome to Day 4 of your Body Detox. Today I’d like to shed some light on the issues of emotional eating and what we can do to switch to mindful eating and ultimately a healthy relationship with food.

 “Emotions can drive our eating behaviour

If you’ve ever made room for a sweet treat after a meal even though you’re already full or eaten that packet of Tim Tams when you’re feeling down, you’ve experienced emotional eating. Emotional eating or stress eating is using food to make yourself feel better. Eating junk to fill emotional needs, rather than to fill your stomach with nutritious foods, is an attempt to fill a void.

Day 5 - Why we need to supplement

Week 1 Day 5

Why we need to supplement

Each morning I’m faced with the process of taking my pills. I am not speaking of medication but of supplements.  For far too long we may have misunderstood the intent and action of supplements. It doesn’t help matters with savvy marketers promising the world to get you to purchase their newest rescue pill.

 “Can’t I get all the nutrients I need from food?  I eat a good diet.”"

On the surface, it makes sense.  After all, if you are eating a whole, fresh, unprocessed foods diet, shouldn’t you be able to get an abundant supply of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients?

Day 6 - Benefits of warm lemon water / Detox water

Week 1 Day 6

Benefits of warm lemon water / Detox water

Hi beautiful girls!  If you’re like me, I never quite understood why lemon juice is so important in any good detox or fat loss program, BUT, I have discovered that the humble lemon stands like a sentinel at the door of your health, delivering to you so many benefits inside and out!

Lemons are probably the most, MUST HAVE fruit, in your pantry. Lemon juice is a powerful, fundamental in your fat loss, wellness and beauty routine.

There are plenty of bogus health trends to avoid, but a daily lemon water isn't one of them.

Day 7 - Good Fats

Week 1 Day 7

Good Fats

Fat, fat, fat! Wouldn’t all our troubles be over if we didn’t eat fat?

The simple answer is NO.  In fact, we can’t live without it.

Good’ fats and oils promote good health as part of a healthy well-balanced diet..

‘Good’ fats are wonderful and play many roles in your body, some are essential fats, i.e. your body needs them and can only get them from your diet or supplements e.g. Omega-3.

‘Good’ fats are nutrients that support your body including the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E & K, provide energy and help protect your brain and heart and can even promote a soft skin.

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